Area Converter

Area Converter are digital devices that let you convert an area in proportion to another. Imagine, for example, if your living room was too small and had limited visibility from every angle – with the Area Convertor this would not be a problem!

The converter can make up space or create depth using clever programming techniques so there’s always enough light where needed while still providing privacy when necessary.

Area converters are commonly used in homes to expand open-plan kitchens and living areas.

What is Area Converter?

How would you like to convert any area of land into another? A calculator for converting measurements is the perfect solution.

The tool provides various options and will help with all your conversion needs, so whether it’s square feet or acres we’ve got what you need!

Measurement Conversion is a complex process. But, with this land unit converter, you can convert between sq feet or meters to acres and other measurement systems!

Conversion Units for the Area Converter

Square Inches (in2), Square Centimeters (cm2), Square Decimeters (dm2), Square Dekameters (dam2), Square Millimicrons, Square Nanometers (nm2), Square Parsecs, Cents (ct), Square Fathoms, Square Miles (mi2), Square Kilometers (km2), Square Lightyears, Square Yards (yd2), Square Millimeters (mm2), Barns (b), Ping, Square Meters (m2), Square Astronomical Units, Square Feet (ft2), Square Hectometers (hm2), Acres (ac),  Ares (a), Square Angstroms, Square Micrometers (µm2), Square Microns, Hectares (ha), Square Rods, 

One square foot is equal to exactly one “square with sides measuring 1 foot.” This unit of measurement, commonly referred to as a “foot-squared” (ft2), comes from both US customary and imperial units.

[su_box title=”This Unit of Measurement is Used in the Following Countries:” style=”glass” box_color=”#11a9fa”][su_list icon_color=”#11a9fa”]

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Pakistan
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Ghana


How to Convert Units of Area

The conversion factor is used to convert between units. Simply multiply the numbers on both sides of an equation for this simple math problem!

[su_highlight background=”#fffc99″]S * C = E[/su_highlight]

Can you guess what this is? You might ask. It’s actually very simple-S represents our starting value, C is the conversion factor and E stands for end converted result!

If you want to convert from a specific unit, such as 50 ft2 or Meters Squared (m²), just multiply by the value in column A and divide by 12.

  • [su_highlight background=”#fffc99″]50 ft2 * 0.09290304 [m2 / ft2] = 4.645152 m2[/su_highlight]

To convert from m2 back into units in the left column divide by the value on your right or multiply by 1/x.

  • [su_highlight background=”#fffc99″]4.645152 m2 / 0.09290304 [m2 / ft2] = 50 ft2[/su_highlight]

To convert among any units in the left column, say from A to B you can multiply by a factor of 1/m2 then divide by another factor that will give your desired result. 

For instance, if an object is square feet make sure it has been converted into meters squared first so as not to mistakenly end up with something too small like inches instead!

[su_note note_color=”#11a9fa” text_color=”#FFFFFF”]For Example: to convert from ft2 to mm2 you would multiply by 0.09290304 then divide by .000001 [/su_note]

Or simply Multiply 92903.04 = 1mm 2 So, if your original measurement was in Feet and TonsPer Square Inch (ft2/psi) just change it over here:  x = 9.29034 / sqrt (1 Mm Squared Equals 2000 Millimeters).

To convert from ft2 to m2, multiply anything by 1 but in different units. So if you want your product measurements equal units then make sure that both the conversion for feet and meters are set at 0 (this will cancel them out).


  • [su_highlight background=”#fffc99″]1 m = 3.28084 ft, 1 m / 3.28084 ft = 1[/su_highlight]

We can Write the Conversion as:

  • [su_highlight background=”#fffc99″]1 ft2 = 1 ft2 * (1 m / 3.28084 ft) * (1 m / 3.28084 ft) = 0.0929030 m2[/su_highlight]

We now have a conversion factor from ft2 to m2. This is because 1 * 0.0929030 = 0.09290304, and there are rounding errors in this value that make the actual result more inaccurate than what’s shown in our table at an accuracy rate of about 2%.

Knowing that 1 ft2 = 0.09290304 m2, we can now find the conversion factor for converting back to square feet. Dividing both sides of this equation by our number 10.7639104 yields 10ft.

Area Converter Units, Symbols, and Conversions:

[table id=13 /]

Area Converter Definitions

1. Acre

The acre is the original unit of land measurement in our country. It equals 0.405 hectares or 4.840 square yards, and 640 acres make one mile!

Acre is a measurement of length, used in both North America and Europe. It was originally devised as an agricultural measure that could be divided up into 40 acres but has since been modified to also include land measuring 1 acre (4 ros).

A land area converter can convert measurements of an acre into sq. ft., square meters, and other units to help you with your backyard landscaping plans!

2. Square Yards

Square yards, sq. yd, or a unit of area equal to the size of a square with sides measuring 1 yard long are all used interchangeably but have been replaced by one term – ‘square meters’.

3. Guntha

In India, 40 guns make 1 acre. Also, a Guntha equals 914 square feet and one gunta is equal to 0.6 acres!

4. Ground

The ground is a unit of measurement in India and it’s most commonly used to measure real estate. One ground equals 203 square meters, which means you can buy an entire city block with just one point!

5. Square Feet

Square feet, sq. ft., or ft2 can be defined as the area of a square with sides measuring 1 foot and is an important measurement in both US customary units and imperial systems.

6. Bigha

The size of a bigha can vary depending on where it is used. [su_highlight background=”#fffc99″]For Example The traditional Indian unit of measure has no standard definition but generally equals 12400 sq meters or 1/5 acre to 6419 square kilometers (depending upon which source you consult). [/su_highlight]

Biswas and Kathas are smaller subunits that makeup one Bhasha – these too have no set dimensions so different areas will be sized differently!

7. Biswa

Biswa is the basic unit of area measurement in Nepal. The size varies throughout Nepal, but typically one biwa equals 1,350 square feet and it’s considered an acre for farming purposes because 10 kaccha Biswas has enough space to farm 1 cow worth milk every day (A total of 3 cows).

8. Kanal

For those of you who live in the North, a Kanal is what we call an acre or about four times as much space. One can also refer to acre or 4500 sq ft or 605 sq. yd. which equals 1/8th of total property size for this type area!

9. Ares

One Ares is equal to 0.0247 acres or 100 sq meters, and one hectare equals 1 ares (100 Square Meters)

This means that during the rationalization process for the metric system back in 1960 when it was changed from hectares into M2/ha -1, there were approximately 50 million people who had no idea what they just learned!

10. Square Metre

The square meter is the SI-derived unit used to measure area. This same idea can also be applied with a difference in measurements as well – 1 m2 equals 30 sq ft or 0.0293 acres.

This makes it easier when you need an exact amount of space, such as for building purposes where architects would want every detail accounted for exactly!

[su_box title=”Square Meter SI Metric Prefix Area Units:” style=”glass” box_color=”#11a9fa”][su_list icon_color=”#11a9fa”]

  • Square Zettametre (sq Zm) – 1 x 10+42 m²
  • Square Yottametre (sq Ym) – 1 x 10+48 m²
  • Square Nanometre (sq Nm) – 1 x 10-18 m²
  • Square Hectometre (sq Hm) – 10,000 m²
  • Square Yoctometre (sq Ym) – 1 x 10-48 m²
  • Square Zeptometre (sq Zm) – 1 x 10-42 m²
  • Square Attometre (sq Am) – 1 x 10-36 m²
  • Square Decametre (sq Dam) – 100 m²
  • Square Femtometre (sq Fm) – 1 x 10-30 m²
  • Square Picometre (sq Pm) – 1 x 10-24 m²
  • Square Kilometre (sq Km) – 1,000,000 m²
  • Square Megametre (sq Mm) – 1 x 10+12 m²
  • Square Gigametre (sq Gm) – 1 x 10+18 m²
  • Square Terametre (sq Tm) – 1 x 10+24 m²
  • Square Petametre (sq Pm) – 1 x 10+30 m²
  • Square Exametre (sq Em) – 1 x 10+36 m²
  • Square Centimetre (sq Cm) – 0.0001 m²
  • Square Decimetre (sq Dm) – 0.01 m²
  • Square Micrometre (sq µm) – 1 x 10-12 m²
  • Square Millimetre (sq Mm) – 0.000001 m²
  • Square Metre (sq m) – 1 m²


11. Hectare

The only unit of measure in use today, the hectare or ha can be defined as an area equal to 100 meters times 1 square kilometer. A hectare is the only unit of area used by the International System or SI, even though it isn’t an officially sanctioned measurement system.

Hectare is the primary unit for measuring large areas, like forests and agricultural plots. The European Union uses this measurement system too!

With the area unit converter, you can convert hectares into acres and bighas, and more.