When Measuring Offline Conversions With Trueview For Action?

TrueView for action is a YouTube ad format designed to drive online and offline conversions. Measuring the success of a TrueView for action campaign involves tracking both online and offline conversions. In this answer, we will focus on how to measure offline conversions using TrueView for action.

Measuring Offline Conversions with TrueView for Action:

Set up Offline Conversion Tracking:

To measure offline conversions, you need to set up offline conversion tracking. This involves creating a conversion action in Google Ads and then importing offline conversion data into Google Ads. You can do this by using a Google Click ID (gclid) or by uploading conversion data manually.

Choose a Conversion Window:

A conversion window is the time frame within which a conversion is attributed to an ad click. When measuring offline conversions, it is important to choose an appropriate conversion window. For example, if you are tracking sales, you may want to use a longer conversion window to account for delayed purchases.

Create Custom Parameters:

Custom parameters allow you to pass additional data about conversion back to Google Ads. This can include information such as the value of the conversion, the location of the conversion, and the type of conversion. Custom parameters are especially useful for measuring offline conversions because they provide additional context about the conversion.

Use Store Visit Conversions:

If you have a physical location, you can use store visit conversions to track how many people visit your store after seeing your ad. To use store visit conversions, you need to have location extensions enabled in your ads and have linked your Google Ads account to your Google My Business account.

Analyze Data:

Once you have set up offline conversion tracking and collected data, you can analyze it to determine the success of your TrueView for action campaign. You can look at metrics such as the number of offline conversions, the conversion rate, and the cost per conversion.


Measuring offline conversions with TrueView for action is an essential part of understanding the success of your YouTube ad campaign. By setting up offline conversion tracking, choosing an appropriate conversion window, using custom parameters and store visit conversions, and analyzing data, you can get a clear picture of how your ad is driving offline conversions.

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